RIP engine guru Brian Hart

| 6 Jan 2014

Racer turned engine builder Brian Hart has died.

The 77-year old became hooked on motor sport when he saw the British Grand Prix as a teenager.

Forging a career behind the wheel, he was a force to be reckoned with as a Clubman and progressed as far as F2 where, driving Frank Costin's FVA-powered Protos (main image), he came 10th in the 1967 European Championship.

As his racing aspirations fizzled out Hart turned to engine building and preparation, working for Cosworth before setting up his own company in 1969.

His heyday came during his supply of engines to Toleman in F2, which meant that he was taken into F1 with the team in 1981, but lost out when Benetton took over and used BMW motors.   

Hart engines enjoyed an unexpected F1 reprise in the 1990s with first Jordan and then Arrows before Tom Walkinshaw acquired his company.