REVS Garagistas wants you to be the stars of the show

| 11 Nov 2020
Classic & Sports Car – REVS Garagistas wants you to be the stars of the show

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REVS is back! Well, would it be a COVID-19 lockdown in the UK without this inclusive online celebration of all things automotive?

Following the success of REVS Limiter in May, REVS Restored in June and September’s REVS Refuelled and Ready, REVS Garagistas on 28 November will once more give classic car enthusiasts the chance to share their passion – and this time, Revd Adam Gompertz and his team want you to be the stars of the show.

Enzo Ferrari might not have coined the term ‘garagistas’ in a positive light, but the REVS team wants to celebrate this Great British tradition.

As Gompertz says: “Given that lockdown places restrictions on what we can do, and where we can go, the humble garage or workshop may just be the place to stay mentally well during this time.”

The team is asking for videos no longer than six minutes, in which people share what they’re working on in their workshop, garage or business. And if that sounds an oddly very specific length of video, there’s a very good reason why.

“Six was the number on the Lotus Jim Clark first drove for Colin Chapman – arguably the King of Garagistas. Incidentally it was also the number on Hill’s Lotus 49 which very nearly won on the car’s debut in 1967,” explains Gompertz.

Fancy getting involved? Email the team.

And on Saturday 28 November enjoy watching from 9:30am on REVS’ Facebook page.


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