Welcome to the future

| 30 Mar 2011

Considering it is the most amazing, speed-of-light wotchamacallit ever to grace the world, the internet isn't half slow. The differential between official estimates of when anything will get done and the grim reality once every stage of every process has spent a month being stretched on a rack, is reminiscent of some of the more spurious claims of motor manufacturers. This is why, for the past six months I have been swimming, well drawing, in waters which are so choppy that they make the published stats for Yankee bhp, Wankel fuel consumption and Monterverdi top speeds look like slide-rule precision. 


None of this, of course, is to criticise our in-house team who have worked their leaf springs off to get this site (re)up and (re)running in double-quick time, because that is just the way that things happen in the fuzzy world of the internet. And I can sympathise now that I have had some real, first-hand insight into how it works and exactly how many unseen cogs make that simple little desktop page do what you want it to.


The point, anyway, is that it is here now, five years late maybe, but still marking the end of the old C&SC site (if you didn't know it existed, lucky you, if you did, sorry) and the dawn of an exciting new era in which C&SC will endeavour to serve its readers and friends, quicker, more directly and more personally. There will be teething problems and you will have gripes (great, let us know) because there is only so much we can do to ensure the success of this site… the rest of it is up to you.


So please sign up, take advantage of everything on offer and, most importantly, please please please contribute. We specifically launched this site because we felt that no one (beyond the ever-resourceful classic car clubs) was providing (or even trying to provide) a proper on-line community for all enthusiasts regardless of the wealth, level of interest or allegiances. So come on in, settle down, have a row in the forums, get some up-to-date news, sell your classics (for FREE), buy some more and help us to build (probably quite slowly) the world's biggest, most comprehensive and mossy accurate encyclopaedia of classic cars. 


Rest assured, there will be no absentee landlordism from the C&SC team, we'll be here night and day to discuss, help, banter, argue or whatever you want because we are simply other members of this community (but ones with great big sticks and admin rights). So please raise a glass to C&SC.com 2.0, the brave new world of C&SC on-line, and join us on-board as it makes its maiden voyage. 


This blog was brought to you by the society of mixed metaphors.