Ferraris you can afford: Inside the August 2018 issue of C&SC

| 5 Jul 2018
Ferraris you can afford: Inside the August 2018 issue of C&SC

Here at C&SC, we get as frustrated as you when we see the classics we love and dream of getting more and more expensive – and further out of reach for us mere mortals.

So when we find a handful of (relatively) affordable Ferraris, we can’t wait to share them with you! And that's exactly what we've done in the August issue of Classic & Sports Car, which goes on sale in the UK today (5 July).

Of course, our Ferrari feature is far from the only highlight in the magazine, which is absolutely packed with features, photography, news stories, classifieds and more. 

Keep on reading for a quick, appetite-whetting, seven-point preview – and remember to subscribe for the best deal.

1. Ferrari’s biggest bargain

Classic_and_Sports_car_august_2018_mondials.pngWe said we’d found a great-value Prancing Horse, and we won't keep you waiting any longer: that car is the Mondial. Is there a greater zero to hero Ferrari than this mid-engined 2+2 coupé?

Martin Buckley’s your man here, getting behind the wheel, speaking to owners and experts, and sniffing out the best buys.

But that’s not all, as he also finds time to uncover seven other affordable Ferraris (including a few curveballs!). Turns out you’re spoilt for choice on this front.

2. An unlikely hero


And now for something completely different. Totally. A Nissan Violet. Yes, really.

Turn to page 160 of the August 2018 issue and you'll meet the rally fan who made his childhood dreams come true, after embarking on a mammoth project to source a donor car, then build a replica of the model that wowed him at the age of seven.

Amazingly, he then competed in the super-tough East Africa Safari Classic Rally in his newly finished pride and joy. It's really quite the story.

3. The hottest Capris


Love Capris? You won’t want to miss this month’s 10-page mega-feature, which starts on page 172. We bring together eight standout variants, including the jaw-dropping MkIII Zakspeed Turbo Group 5, the MkII 2.3 Turbo May and the 174mph ‘Cologne’ Capri RS3100 Group 2.

4. A passion for Bugattis


Join us for a ride in two pre-war stunners, as Mick Walsh drives a T55 and T57S – and meets the owner who’s been known to commute in them! 

5. The sports car you’ve never heard of


Yes, quite possibly! But James Hunt knew of this now often-forgotten Australian brand – in fact, he sealed his final race win behind the wheel of one. Meet this unique car and its owner, who commissioned it almost 60 years ago.

6. Lotus Elan vs BMW Z1


Here’s proof that there’s more than one way to skin a rabbit, as these roadsters take delightfully different approaches to the same goal. Greg MacLeman checks out this innovative pair, and picks his favourite.

7. Transatlantic co-operation


British balance meets Italian flair and American muscle in this elegant Nash-Healey. Martin Buckley jumps on board one of only 506 built to discover if this V8 roadster can live up to the promise of its dashing looks.