Future classic: Morgan Plus Six

| 15 Jul 2020
Classic & Sports Car – Future classic: Morgan Plus Six

Okay, we’re cheating; the Plus Six is more of an instant classic.

But at least we needn’t waste column inches here debating whether this car will be owned by those who truly treasure it, whether it’ll be collectable, or hold its value as well as all that.

Morgans are sure things; there is absolutely no doubt about it.

Classic & Sports Car – Future classic: Morgan Plus Six

Five-year-old Morgan 3 Wheelers are, after all, barely any cheaper than new ones, and the bigger models cling on to their values almost as belligerently.

The older these wonderfully enigmatic cars get, the more desired they become. But there is a great deal that’s ‘new’ about the Plus Six, not least the £80k price-tag.

Beneath the aluminium body is an aluminium box-section chassis of transformative strength compared with the firm’s old stagers: it’s twice as stiff as that of an Aero 8.

And yet the wood frame that has so famously differentiated Morgan construction for so long remains part of its make-up.

Strip away the car’s panels and you’ll find English ash propping up the entirety of the cockpit, and fixed lovingly across the bulkheads.

Classic & Sports Car – Future classic: Morgan Plus Six

Classic & Sports Car – Future classic: Morgan Plus Six
Classic & Sports Car – Future classic: Morgan Plus Six

The Plus Six is the firm ’s first turbocharged model, using a BMW straight-six.

Before you purse your lips, since the car weighs little more than a tonne, that gives better torque-to-weight than all but the fiercest V8 Ferraris.

It has power steering, too, and an eight-speed automatic ’box.

That gearbox maybe the least authentic part of the driving experience: a Morgan ought to keep you busy behind the wheel, and this one makes life conspicuously easy.

But in all other respects, the Plus Six does deliver the famously singular flavour for which owners have, over the years, paid top dollar and waited for so long.

Classic & Sports Car – Future classic: Morgan Plus Six

The cabin is surprisingly roomy, and almost lavish.

The instruments sit in the middle of the dash, with the speedo – for better or worse – more easily read by your passenger.

Luckily for your co-driver, this isn’t a car in which to race around the lanes, but instead adds intoxicating richness and charm to an everyday pace.

For handling sophistication and drivability it’s a triumph of ‘Goldilocks’ engineering: much less rough-edged than before, but still far more characterful than any other modern two-seater.

Classic & Sports Car – Future classic: Morgan Plus Six

The steering is light and surprisingly gently paced; the ride smoother and less brittle than long-time Morgan owners will expect, but still so honest and communicative.

The engine has all of the muscle you’ll ever want with plenty in reserve. All it needs is a bit more audible soul.

The age-old Morgan caveat applies: you could spend Plus Six money on any one of a long list and land a better-handling sports car.

But as an aristocratic and almost risk-free place to put your savings, and a car whose charisma you can enjoy every time you drive, it’s all but unbeatable.

Images: Max Edleston


  • Engine 2998cc turbo ‘six’; 335bhp @ 5-6500rpm; 369lb ft @ 1600-4500rpm
  • Transmission eight-speed auto, RWD
  • 0-62mph 4.2 secs
  • Top speed 166mph
  • Mpg 34
  • Price £81,995


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