Dolomite fans have big plans for the model's 40th birthday

| 10 Jan 2012

Amid all the furore over Ferrari GTOs, Cobras and MGBs this year, C&SC is delighted to note - and promote - some more anniversary efforts for marques and models that might otherwise be overlooked. One of these is the Triumph Dolomite, marking 40 years since it entered its first year of production.

The Dolomite took the Toledo Transmission and 1500 shell and implanted the all-new 1854cc overhead cam engine.

It was facelifted and renamed (1850HL) in 1976, but carried on in production until 1980, by when 79,010 had been built.

The Triumph Dolomite Club caters for all the cars (including a 5800-miles-from-new example in the main image) and is planning a series of anniversary events through the year.

To find out more, visit the club forum and click on meetings and events.