And the eco-friendly sports car of the future is.... the Jaguar E-type!

| 6 Nov 2011

Is there nothing the E-type can't muscle in on this year? Even as it celebrates its 50th birthday, Jaguar's landmark sports car – launched in 1961, remember – has scooped an award in the RAC's, er, Future Car Challenge.

The Jaguar was awarded a gong for being the most energy efficient sports car (prototype) during yesterday's event, which runs from Brighton to London, the day before Veteran cars head the other way.

More than 65 low-emission vehicles took part and the top award went to McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray for his electric T.27.

Of course, this was no ordinary E-type. With a lightweight aluminium body and its fabulous engine replaced with an electric motor and lithium ion batteries by German company Wind Reich – which has also converted a Porsche 912, VW Beetle and MG TF – it was built to promote wind farm energy.

Wind Reich's Tobias Aichele said: "We're very excited to bring the Jaguar here to England to test out its credentials on this historic route. Despite the heavy powerpack, the car is only 200kg heavier than a standard road car, mainly thanks to its ultra-light body."

After the Future Car Challenge Damon Hill OBE said: "I’m usually associated with high speed motorsport, but today was very different we went off at the startline at Brighton driving slowly trying to conserve as much fuel as possible. Today I was driving a Peugeot 508 for The Global Fuel Economy Initiative; it was a real eye opener and demonstrated what can be achieved with better driving style."

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: "This fantastic event captures the nostalgia and romance of UK's motoring history, giving it relevance to the challenges of today… This will help me in my goal of delivering more efficient motoring and cleaner air for London."

We agree Boris, E-types taking over the streets of London would be great!