Volvos rally in Luxemburg

| 24 May 2012

Members of the German Volvo P 1800 Interessengemeinschaft held its 34th International Meet in Luxemburg, from 17-20 May.

More than 50 examples of the car – representing every year (from 1961-’73) – travelled from all over Germany.

All versions were in attendance, including the three varieties of the coupé, best known for starring with Roger Moore in The Saint. There were several 1800ES Shooting Brakes and a single example of the early, Jensen-built P 1800 with side-crest trim – of which about 6000 were made.

It was a 1966 1800s that famously featured in the Guinness Book of Records – achieving the highest mileage for one owner. Last year it had officially run up more than 2.9 million miles in the hands of New Yorker, Irv Gordon (see C&SC December 2002).