Allard cars return to production

| 28 May 2012

Allard Motor Cars – known for shoehorning American V8s into light British sports cars – has announced that it will be launching a range of new models.

The company plans to produce a limited run of eight authentic continuation models including the J2X Le Mans, JR and J2/J2X competition cars with FIA HTP specification, confirming their period authenticity.

All the cars will feature a traditional handbuilt chassis, with aluminium body and a Cadillac V8 engine.

Operating from small London premises, Sydney Allard founded the company in 1945. It went on to produce about 1900 cars before he died in 1966.

Allard’s managing director Jason Wharton said: “I sincerely believe this announcement marks an important step in the evolution of this company as a low-volume bespoke manufacturer of handbuilt competition cars, which pay homage to the outstanding courage, achievements and legacy of the late Sydney H. Allard.”