Drive-it Day 2020 is still happening

| 19 Mar 2020
Classic & Sports Car – Drive-it Day 2020 is still happening

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Drive-it Day 2020 will continue to be marked on Sunday 26 April, the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) has confirmed.

This annual celebration is held on the closest weekend to 23 April, the day on which in 1900 the Automobile Club’s One Thousand Mile Trial proved the viability of the car on a route that started and finished in London, taking in Bristol, Derby, Manchester, Edinburgh, Lincoln, Northampton and many more.

Confirmation of this comes amid the widespread cancellation of events and public gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic. The FBHVC has been encouraging clubs to call off all meets, and Motorsport UK has suspended all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption until at least 30 April.

While current advice from the British government warns against all non-essential social contact, the FBHVC has said, “there seems no reason why individual enthusiasts could not take their vehicles out for a drive on Drive-it Day, waving to each other from a discrete distance, so long as that drive avoids physical social contact.”

Classic & Sports Car – Drive-it Day 2020 is still happening

The Federation goes on to say it “would like to stress that the more mature, or those with underlying health conditions that fall into the ‘high-risk’ category, should not attempt to leave isolation, even for a short drive.

“Those able to consider a short drive on Drive-it Day should plan carefully whether that journey may require interactions, such as the purchase of fuel or payment of road tolls for example and make a personal judgement on the safety of any Drive-it Day journey.”

And, of course, driving is one thing, but the FBHVC recommends adherence to government advice, so no stop at a local pub or café this year.

Still, the sight of classics on the road would surely bring many much-needed smiles.

And if hitting the road for Drive-it Day 2020 isn’t feasible, maybe set aside 26 April as a tinkering day, self-isolated in your garage, so your classic is ready for its next adventure.

Images: Will Williams


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