Enthusiasts swing into action as stolen A60’s returned to its owner

| 20 Nov 2012

An A60 SunTor Caravanette that was nabbed from Cambridge-Oxford Owners’ Club member Lee Clarke has been tracked down after an extensive media campaign.

The camper was swiped from the Croydon area on 10 November sparking appeals through websites such as Twitter, Facebook, stolenclassics.co.uk and the club’s Farina Forum. The theft was also highlighted in the club’s magazine – the Rosette Recorder.

Enthusiasts’ tireless efforts paid off when the A60 was spotted and retrieved from Beckenham, Kent, with only light damage caused to its locks and trim.

Stolen A60 retuned to owner

Clarke said: "After a stressful and distraught week, with little sleep or food, finding the van was fantastic. A very sincere thank-you to all in a really great club. The power of the web is phenomenal; the van is now home and not seriously damaged."

Police have yet to arrest anyone in connection with the incident.

The story has left classic fans wondering how best to harness the power of the web; join the debate in our forums.