Unique car donated to AACA

| 1 Oct 2012

The one-off 1950s Flajole Forerunner has been donated to the Antique Automobile Club of America’s Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA.

Designed while Bill Flajole was a consultant for American Motors, the car was his vision of the future and was the result of 7000 man-hours’ work. He would go on to use it as a daily driver for 15 years.

The machine features an elaborate Plexiglas roof, and a glassfibre body with curves never before attempted with the material.

The bodyshell was dropped on to the chassis from a Jaguar XK120M (the Stateside designation for the SE model) using the same 180bhp straight-six engine.

Mark Hyman, who donated the car, said: “This is a fabulous one-of-a-kind concept car with an impeccable history. This particular automobile is historically important for its technological advancements and its design concepts that were truly ahead of their time.  

“As a dealer of vintage motor cars, I feel strongly about giving back to the collector-car community.  I am making this donation so that the car can be enjoyed by the public.”

The concept’s arrival comes as the AACA gears up for its 57th Annual Hershey Fall Meet and Car Show. The four-day event features a flea market with more than 9000 vendor spaces, a car corral with more than 1000 vehicles for sale and, of course, a car show.

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