Bizzarrini 5300GT takes double at Dijon-Prenois

| 23 Oct 2012

A Bizzarrini 5300GT driven by Alexander van der Lof has won both races of the NK HTGT Dutch Championship in France from 6-7 October.

After taking pole position in qualifying for the first race, the Ford GT40 of Georg Stummeyer pulled away from the rest of the field followed by a hard-charging van der Lof. He kept in sight of the GT40 and capitalised when Stummeyer was handed a time penalty for ignoring yellow flags. Stummeyer had to content himself with second followed by the Porsche 904/6 of Roman Caresani. 

Behind the leaders, there was a mighty scrap between the drifting Ford Falcons of Norbert Gross, Bart Jan Deenik and Martin Bijleveld. Gross would top the group, taking fifth.

Rain on Sunday meant a damp track for the race and the withdrawal of Stummeyer, who was keen to avoid the slippery conditions. This left the way clear for van der Lof’s Bizzarrini, which led the race to victory. 

Meanwhile, Stephen Perry’s Ford Falcon took second from the Porsche of Caresani. Michiel Campagne’s Sting Ray would catch the Falcon of Perry, while the remaining eight laps featured a tremendously close battle between Gross, Deenik in another Falcon, Caresani and local wine-merchant Nicolas Reitz in an Austin-Healey 3000. 

View the results below:

Race 1 result: 

1. Alexander van der Lof (Bizzarrini 5300) 2. Georg Stummeyer (Ford GT40) 3. Roman Caresani (Porsche 904/6) 4. Michiel Campagne (Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray) 5. Norbert Gross (Ford Falcon) 6. Bart Jan Deenik (Ford Falcon).

Race 2 result: 

1. Alexander van der Lof (Bizzarrini 5300) 2. Michiel Campagne (Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray) 3. Stephen Perry (Ford Falcon) 4. Bart Jan Deenik (Ford Falcon) 5. Roman Caresani (Porsche 904/6) 6. Nicolas Reitz (Austin-Healey 3000).