Hancock takes top spot ahead of epic dice in Sydney

| 28 Nov 2012

Last Sunday’s fiercely contested Tasman Revival feature race at Sydney Motor Sport Park was won by debutant Damon Hancock driving a Brabham BT23.

Hancock used his car’s sorted chassis and superior muscle to power away from a grid of more than 40 1960s single-seaters.

Second place was hotly contested as Richard Carter and Ray Stubber – driving an Australian-built Elfin Mono and a Brabham BT28 respectively – engaged in a race-long duel.

Stubber got the jump on his rival at the start, but as the race progressed Carter reeled him in, eventually taking Stubber on the approach to turn 10.

As Hancock distanced himself from the scrapping pair, Carter was left to fend off the more modern car.

"Ray’s car is a late 1960s model, mine is from 1966," said Carter.

"The Brabham chassis is also as good as you could get back in the day and it’s no secret that the Elfin Mono never set the world on fire, so it was very satisfying keeping him behind me."

More news from the weekend can be viewed on the event’s website shortly or you can watch an excellent preview video for the Tasman Revival 2013 here.