Top Trumps to come to life for NEC Classic Motor Show

| 5 Jul 2019
Classic & Sports Car – Top Trumps to come to life for NEC Classic Motor Show

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It’s been a childhood favourite for 40 years – and now a special super-sized version of Top Trumps will be the star of this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery.

The long-lived and much-loved card game will form the theme of the almost as long-lived (and equally much-loved) indoor show, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham from 8-10 November.

And the idea sounds like a genuinely fun one: clubs and exhibitors will be able to use the Top Trumps format as the basis for vehicle information boards displaying five key facts about each car, in effect creating what organisers describe as the biggest-ever version of the game.

What’s more, a special classic car-themed version of the game has been produced to celebrate the 35th anniversary of both the NEC show and Lancaster Insurance, and will be launched at the event. 

Classic & Sports Car – Top Trumps to come to life for NEC Classic Motor Show

The special-edition pack, to be produced by the brand’s owner Winning Moves, can already be ordered along with tickets to the show – for an extra £5 – and is set to feature 30 cars that will reflect the 3000 vehicles on display at the NEC.

Top Trumps has been on our wish list of show themes for years, but we were saving it for a special occasion and sharing our 35th anniversary with Lancaster Insurance is the perfect opportunity,” said show director Lee Masters.

“It is a game many in our community would have played as a kid and may have passed on to their own children. We’re hoping everyone involved in the show, but especially the vehicle clubs, will be just as excited as we are.”

Andrew Evanson, senior operations manager at Lancaster Insurance, added, “2019 is a milestone year for both the show and Lancaster Insurance, so it’s fitting that the theme this year is extra special. Many enthusiasts will have fond memories of playing Top Trumps as a youngster, I know I certainly do, and we’re excited to help bring this to life for show attendees!”

There will also be the opportunity to play Top Trumps on both the Lancaster Insurance stand and on the Discovery Live Stage throughout the weekend, while special displays dedicated to the theme will also feature in the halls. 

Of course, even without the card game theme there are plenty of reasons to look forward to the NEC Classic Motor Show – not least the fact that C&SC will once again host its annual Club Awards in Birmingham on the show’s first day.   

Tickets for the NEC Classic Motor Show – and the special Top Trumps packs that go with them – are available now from the official website.


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