C&SC joins forces with Chris Evans' Car Fest

| 30 Mar 2012

Car Fest is a massive charity motoring festival masterminded by celebrity petrolhead Chris Evans, and C&SC is set to be a prominent part of it.

The Radio 2 disc jockey came up with the brainwave after giving up bread for lent, seriously, and took his mind off the pain (little pun for francophones there) by spending the 40 days setting up a family friendly event for the August bank holiday weekend.

The event is to take place at 1979 F1 world champ Jody Scheckter's Laverstoke Park in Hampshire and will raise funds for the BBC's Children in Need appeal.

It will feature a hillclimb (we're not yet sure how exactly), static displays, parades and loads more.

What's more we can reveal that it will be themed around "sevens", following the tenet of Evans' previous events when he auctioned drives in his own Ferrari collection for charity.

The proposed categories are Evans' Magnificent Seven of mostly white Maranello cars and then loads more categories of seven including Group B, historic F1, US supercars, European supercars, far east supercars, motorsport, million pound moderns, weirdies, celebrity cars, design classics, vintage and sex on wheels.

Cars already signed up range from a Peel to the ex-Schumacher Benetton B192, AC Cobra to Ferrari 275 GTB/4, Sinclair C5 to Le Mans Jaguar.

Plus, we can announce today that the event will feature a special C&SC 30th birthday display of some of the rarest, most exotic, intriguing, valuable and innovative cars in the world.

We have two signed up already, a stunning Lamborghini Miura and a Jaguar XKSS, and there will be lots more to come.

We'll keep you updated, but if you have or know of a suitable car, let us know. Remember, it doesn't have to be pricey – there may be some C&SC Our Classics cars there after all – just interesting, innovative or with an undeniable wow factor.

Space is very limited so please don't be offended if we don't take you up on the offer, but send pictures and a brief description to james.elliott@haymarket.com

It's all for a good cause and will help put classics in front of a huge audience so we'll be backing this event to the hilt and bringing you much more news as it happens