Huge range of classics gather in sunny Appledore

| 23 Jul 2013

More than 250 classics attended the 30th Appledore Vintage and Classic Car Rally in Kent on 21 July.

Cars on display spanned everything from a beautifully presented Jaguar 3½-litre Special to several Ford Mustangs and a Morris Ten/Twelve Series II, but it was John Busbridge’s immaculate Riley Nine March Special (top photo) that took Best in Show.

It was intended to sit between the outright racing models, such as the Brooklands and the Lynx, with a body built by March and mounted on the Riley Nine Plus-Ultra chassis.

Other vehicles taking part included a WWII Ford Jeep, which had been destined for action on D Day but missed the boat, plus supercars from Ferrari and even historic tractors.

The event also featured an autojumble, helicopter rides and a dog show, while the Black Lion provided a steady supply of roast pork baps.