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| 7 Mar 2013

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Aston Martin is known for combining sports car-humbling performance with the restrained good looks of a British GT. Our free 36-page supplement takes you on a journey from its very beginning.

The story starts as James Elliott returns to the place where it all began – Aston Clinton Hill Climb – to drive A3, the marque’s oldest-surviving car.

Then we take a look at the people who made the company what it is now, its racing pedigree, and the cars – from the DB4-6 family to the oddest machines to wear the famous badge.

The V8 Vantage Volante ‘PoW’, which followed Aston fan Prince Charles’ exacting specification, carries us through to the late ’80s, before we finish our centenary celebration with a V12 roar from the modern-classic Vanquish.

It says a lot for Aston’s GT that is shares comparable performance with Lamborghini’s Diablo VT Roadster, an extrovert supercar with a V12 that could claim a rich Italian bloodline. Ross Alkureishi finds out what losing the roof adds to the Diablo experience by taking one for a blast through the Highlands of Scotland.

Julian Balme has always been a fan of Sunbeam Tigers, but only laid eyes on the ultimate iteration of the car last year. Nicknamed ‘The Monster’, its light weight and 430bhp V8 make it a ferocious racer, and one of the stars of the 2012 Goodwood Revival.

Meanwhile, Andrew Roberts has being having fun in the woods with a quirky quintet of baby utility wagons – the Trabant 601 Kübel, Volkswagen 181, Citroën Méhari, Austin Mini Moke and Matra Rancho Découvrable. 

These classic crossovers preceded the modern ‘soft roader’ by decades and offered versatility that few can match today.

But if those five are ‘different’, the Ercole Spade style- Zanzara is just plain wacky. Richard Heseltine drives the Fiat 500-based ‘big boy’s toy’ and talks to the man who designed it.

Also in this issue, Martin Buckley compares the AC Greyhound with the Bristol 406 Zagato.

Plus, Mick Walsh tells the story of one of the most beautiful Land Speed Record Cars, the Stutz Black Hawk, and driver Frank Lockhart who was tragically killed as he duelled for honours with Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Blue Bird.

Finally, we have our regulars including a buyer’s guide for the effervescent Messerschmitt ‘bubble car’,  updates from Our classics, columns from the team, art, letters, plus the best historic motor sport and market news.

As always, let us start with five wonderful wallpapers featuring the stars of this month’s issue.

Click here for a wallpaper-sized picture of the Aston Martin DB4.

For a full-sized wallpaper of the stunning Vanquish, click here.

Click here to download a wallpaper of the extrovert Lamborghini Diablo.

Click here to download a wallpaper of the mighty Sunbeam Tiger.

And for a Messerschmitt on two rather than three wheels, click here.