Jaguar designer aims to improve on Mk2 perfection

| 13 Mar 2013

Ian Callum – who is Jaguar’s director of design – plans to build his perfect car using a Mk2 as a base.

Working with Classic Motor Cars of Bridgenorth, Callum will make fundamental engineering changes to the car while also altering the looks.

He said: “To me, the MK2 is one of the best-looking saloons ever created but, as a designer, naturally I want to change a number of details. For that reason, the car that CMC has chosen as donor car will be modified in many areas – both aesthetically and technically.”

“The stance of the MK2 is already excellent, but I wish to make it even better, the first thing to sort out. The next job is simplifying the car in many areas of exterior trim. I need to be very judgmental and work out what in my mind is superfluous and what’s not.The interior will go through a number of subtle changes as well."

Regular updates on the build will be posted on the company’s website.