One-off F1 celebrates McLaren's 50th anniversary in Geneva

| 4 Mar 2013

McLaren’s record-breaking XP1 LM prototype is to star alongside its new P1 supercar at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow.

The car will form part of McLaren’s 50th birthday celebrations and it’s the first time that it has been displayed outside the UK.

The one-off XP preceded five production examples of the F1 LM, which celebrated the five GTRs that finished the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1995 – including victory on its debut, plus third, fourth and fifth.

The XP1 is more powerful and 60kg lighter than the racer it was inspired by, with a 6.1-litre V12 producing 680bhp.

As with the mechanicals, the bodywork is track derived, featuring front and rear spoilers based on the GTR and a Le Mans-style diffuser to maximise downforce.

Finished in Papaya orange, the XP1 LM set the 0-100-0mph record of 11.5 secs with Andy Wallace at the wheel.