Historic race meeting to be dedicated to Alan Mann

| 27 Mar 2012

The HRDC is to dedicate its five historic races at the Castle Combe Historica meeting on 9 April to the late Alan Mann, who passed away on 21 March.

A special trophy dedicated to the former racer, entrant and team boss will be awarded
to the competitor or team that displays the key elements of Alan Mann's racing philosophy: "Preparation, determination, presentation and skill".

HRDC race director Julius Thurgood said: "Alan Mann was a great friend and mentor to me and his encouragement towards the formation of the HRDC was inspirational, especially when the going was tough.

"His consistent encouragement and conviction that the HRDC ethos of serving the historic race driver was worthy of his support has inspired me to take this project forward to the highest level. Alan will be greatly missed by all in the racing fraternity, but especially so by all the friends and allies that he made latterly in the historic sector.

"Hopefully, in time, his son Henry will continue with Alan's plan to run the Alan Mann Racing Ford Prefect 107E [main image] in HRDC Touring Greats this season. It would never do to lose the evocative and inspiring sight of the Alan Mann Racing livery in historic racing."

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