Pint-sized classics to steal Concours of Elegance limelight

| 8 Jul 2020
Classic & Sports Car – Pint-sized classics to steal Concours of Elegance limelight

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The first-ever Junior Concours will be a characterful addition to this year’s Concours of Elegance.

This brand-new feature will celebrate the best half-scale petrol-, pedal- and electric-powered cars of all ages, with parents and their children involved in the roles of ‘works’ drivers and mechanics.

And leading what is expected to be a 20-strong line-up at Hampton Court Palace between 4-6 September will be the Bugatti Baby II (pictured), Austin J40s, Porsche 917s, Jaguar E-types and Lancia D24s also confirmed.

Classic & Sports Car – Pint-sized classics to steal Concours of Elegance limelight

Of course, half-sized classic cars share much with their full-sized inspirations, often being both rare and handbuilt, and the Goodwood Revival’s Settrington Cup won’t have hurt the appeal of such child-size classics.

For this fun but, we’re sure, fiercely contested new attraction, each entrant will be ‘driven’ on stage, the best pedal, petrol and electric cars each receiving prizes, plus everyone will be vying for the ‘Best Dressed’ gong.

“With our Junior Concours we’re shining a light on the fascinating world of specially built children’s cars, popularised by the Austin J40 of which almost 32,000 were built from 1950,” said Andrew Evans, Concours of Elegance Director.

“With the support of their drivers and mechanics, the Junior Concours will be as much of a spectacle as any of our other priceless displays.”

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