Help Mazda break two world records – this Sunday!

| 25 Apr 2019
Classic & Sports Car – Help break two Mazda world records – this Sunday!

Is it just us, or is record-making something of a fad right now?

Volvo was at it last month and there’s a Mini world record attempt planned for the summer.

And now Mazda is joining the most-ever-models-in-one-place-record-attempt party. Still, it’s all good fun – and, in fact, the aim is to break two records. 

It’s all happening at the MX-5 Owners’ Club Spring Rally this Sunday (28 April) at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire.

The two Guinness World Records being targeted are the largest number of Mazda cars in a parade formation, which currently stands at 683, and the largest parade of convertibles, a record of 270 that’s already held by the Club.

Classic & Sports Car – Help break two Mazda world records – this Sunday!

As 2019 is the MX-5’s 30th anniversary, you don’t have to be a member of the Club to take part – it’s free for all.

And while the Club is, perhaps predictably, keen for the majority of participants to be in MX-5s, any Mazda is welcome for the first attempt; non-MX-5s will then be guided away for the convertible record attempt.

If you want to join in, you’ll need to register on the day, but to save time you can download a registration form here, fill it in and take it along on Sunday.

Of course, Sunday is Drive It Day, and many people will already have plans to get out there in their classic. But if you’re a Mazda owner – particularly an MX-5 owner – and you fancy helping making a slice of marque history, head to Yorkshire and get involved!



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